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We’re More Than Just Packaging

Just Packaging

Client: Just Packaging


Just Packaging Inc. started in 1985 with 3 employees, one conveyor belt, and an elevator for a loading dock all in a small basement barely 2500 square feet. Today, with over 22 conveyer belts, 120 full time, 450 part time, 20 loading docks and a state of the art 170,000 sq foot warehouse, we are at the forefront of the industry. While our name is familiar within the industry, we are simply not “just” packaging anymore. Over the years we have developed and built a leading facility that assembles, warehouses, distributes, picks and packs, bottles, decorates, and handles back office support for our clients. What separates JPI from the rest is not only its expertise, but what started as two business associates has morphed into a multi-generational family affair.


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