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Andrew Miller of BASF at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day



Client: BASF Personal Care Solutions – A globally leading supplier

As part of BASF, the business draws on vast resources and expertise in all international markets. At the same time, BASF Personal Care Solutions is highly specialized and dedicated to the personal care industry – a commitment expressed by the brand Care Creations®. With a legacy of connection to the consumer goods market, we deeply understand our customers and the people they cater to.


Our connection to people and their qualities applies not only to the marketplace, but also to the way we operate internally. Our people are an endless source of energy, motivation and fascination.


Create an opportunity for BASF Care Creations to promote it's products in an entertaining and informative format.

  • Strategy

    Art Direction, Video, Data Analytics, Interview, Storyboard

  • Industry

    Household and Personal Care

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